A strong immune system ensures better life and living. It not only prevents the occurrence of diseases, but also allows you to enjoy a medication-free life and reduces stress and anxiety. Good health and a strong immune system are the secrets behind a healthy and prosperous life.
Below are a few guidelines which you may consider, to boost your immune system through natural methods.
Sleep Properly
Sleep deprivation is one of the main reasons behind the increased levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone, which if consistently maintained in considerable levels inside the body, can significantly slow down and hamper the functioning of the immune system. Hence, sufficient and proper sleep helps to keep immune system strong and active.
Stress Reduction
Similar to less sleep, undue stress also leads to the increased levels on cortisol inside the body. Relief from stress can significantly reduce the cortisol levels and can strengthen the immune system. Hence, a stress free life is the key to good health.
Avoid Smoking and Tobacco
Tobacco and smoking harms the immunity in more ways than one. Not only are such indulgences a cause for lowering the defences of the immune system and decreasing its ability to combat various diseases, bacteria and viruses, but these also make you prone to acquiring diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis. Moreover, tobacco and smoking are also a cause of the middle ear infection among children.
Avoid Alcohol Intake
Similar to tobacco and smoking, alcohol also contributes towards the lowering of the immune system defences. Excessive consumption significantly reduces the hampers the functioning of immune system and is a leading cause behind liver and lung diseases, infections and malfunctions. No or limited intake of alcohol ensures a stronger immune system.
Nutritional, Balanced and Healthy Diet
Sufficient intake of vegetable, fruits, seeds and nuts is essential for the maintenance of a strong and powerful immune system. These substances are full of the nutrients that are required for the maintenance and support of the immune system. According to a study, sufficient fruit and vegetable intake can significantly enhance the response of antibodies towards Pneumovax vaccine, which prevents the occurrence of Streptococcus pneumonia in adults.

Take Natural Supplements
here are popular natural supplements that can help boost your immune system and prevent illnesses. Zyflamend includes herbs that can help fight inflammation and therefore improve the efficiency of your immune system. You can read a complete zyflamend review here.

Exercise Regularly
Regular exercise is not only effective for stress reduction and better immunity, but it may also be relied upon to improve and support the lymphatic system for the removal of toxic substance from the body. Since the functioning of the lymphatic system is dependent upon muscle contraction, regular exercise promotes efficient removal of toxins from the body.
Sufficient Exposure to Sunlight
Sunlight is the vital source of vitamin D and you may ensure sufficient exposure to the sun to attain adequate levels of this vitamin. Lack of vitamin D may lead to the development of respiratory infections and good quantities of vitamin D have found to be useful for the prevention from Influenza A.
Probiotics are naturally occurring supplements which have been found to be particularly helpful for the prevention of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. Their proper dose and adequate intake can help to boost the immune system.

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